The Journey



The Beanstalk is a concept that originated from my genuine and pure passion for reinventing the way people experience food. It all started as a self-experimentation journey whose purpose was mainly to test the ways in which a plant-based diet can contribute to improving health and the quality of life overall. Little did I know, 10 years ago, that this experiment was going to become my lifestyle.

During all these years, I’ve tested, experimented, documented and created countless vegan recipes that would not only incorporate all the nutrients our bodies need, but also look, smell and taste spectacular. The nature is giving and people all around the world learned how to transform these riches of the earth into something extraordinary, forging undying culinary traditions. But there’s yet more to savor and explore and so I used this legacy as a ground basis and a main source of inspiration for continuing to revolutionize the vegan cuisine.

And since good things are meant to be shared, I’ve created a concept that would concentrate my passion, techniques, knowledge and insights on preparing mouth-watering vegan dishes that are easy to make, yet complex, nutritive and truly life changing: The Beanstalk.

There is this saying “you are what you eat”. Cliché, I know. But it’s cliché for a reason and that’s because it’s true. Eating is not optional, but eating healthy is. Choose wisely!





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