Gnocchi with Peas and Vegan Parmesan


No idea what to cook for dinner today? No problem! This is what we are here for. Try out this wonderful vegan springtime recipe of Gnocchi with Peas, ready in just 20 minutes, for a light and satisfying dinner with your loved ones!

Video recipe:

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 15 minutes

Total time: 20 minutes


Course: main dish

Cuisine: Vegan, Italian

Servings: 2-4



🌱2 green onion sticks

🌱1/2 spring garlic stick

🌱400 g frozen green peas

🌱250 g gnocchi

🌱5 Tbsp cashew cream

🌱Fresh Prsley

🌱1 tsp Nutmeg 

🌱Salt & pepper to taste

🌱Vegan Parmesan to serve

How to prepare it:

  1. Place the frozen green peas in a colander or strainer, run cool water over them until thawed, and drain
  2. Finely chop the green onion and spring garlic and cook them for 2-3 minutes in a little bit of olive oil
  3. Add the drained green peas, season with salt and pepper to taste and mix well
  4. Cover the pan with a lid and let the peas cook for about 10 minutes
  5. In the meantime, boil the gnocchi until they rise to the surface of the water
  6. To help the peas cook faster, you can add some water from the gnocchi into the pan 
  7. When they are all done, put the gnocchi on top of the peas, add the cashew cream and the nutmeg
  8. Add 1 more cup of the gnocchi water and some fresh chopped parsley, then mix well
  9. Serve with some more fresh parsley and delicious vegan parmesan on top.


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