Gluten-free Beetroot pasta


Embrace the vibrant and wholesome flavors of our Creamy Beetroot Penne. This dish showcases the earthy charm of grated beetroot, combined with a luscious cashew cream sauce and the delightful crunch of mixed seeds and beet leaves. It’s a symphony of colors and textures that offers a truly satisfying gluten-free pasta experience.

Video recipe:

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes

Total time: 25 minutes

Servings: 8



🌱2 small beetroots

🌱1 small onion

🌱1/2 tsp caraway

🌱2 Tbsp cashew cream

🌱2 Tbsp nutritional yeast

🌱3 Tbsp olive oil

🌱250 g gluten-free penne pasta

🌱10 beetroot leaves

🌱20 g mixed seeds

How to prepare:

  • Start by peeling the beetroot.
  • Keep the beetroot stems and leaves, as we’ll be using them later.
  • Grate the peeled beetroot.
  • Finely chop an onion.
  • In a pan, sauté the chopped onion in a small amount of olive oil until it becomes translucent.
  • Add the grated beetroot to the pan and mix thoroughly.
  • Season with salt, caraway, and pepper according to your taste.
  • While preparing the beetroot mixture, cook your favorite gluten-free pasta according to the package instructions.
  • Transfer the cooked beetroot mixture to a food processor.
  • Add nutritional yeast and cashew cream, and blend until you achieve a smooth sauce.
  • Return the smooth sauce to the pan and gradually add some pasta water to reach the desired consistency.
  • Combine the boiled pasta with the sauce, mixing well.
  • Slice the beet leaves into thin strips. These will be used as a colorful and crunchy garnish.
  • In another pan, heat a small amount of olive oil.
  • Add the mixed seeds and roast them for a few minutes.
  • Then add the sliced beet leaves and warm them in the pan. Avoid overcooking; they should retain their vibrant color and crunchiness.
  • To serve, place the creamy penne in a pasta plate, top it with the roasted seeds and sliced beet leaves, and finish with some lemon zest for added flavor.


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